Whatsapp web client for android

From morning till evening I’ve been using the new whatsapp web client. It is really awesome to use and I love it so much. So Here are the pros and cons I’ve found which I’m sharing with you

I could say that whatsapp could’ve done this web client before, This is a late entry for whatsapp but it become so hottest today. As long as I’ve used this web client one thing I can say that every single one of us deserved for this. Yes It is more handy for the people who is more productive. So Let’s have a small review about the new whatsapp web client from my point of view

Whatsapp web client for android
Whatsapp web client for android


Of course you’re using this from your browser but only from chrome. You don’t need to install any dedicated software or application on your MAC or PC. So This is a platform independant but chrome dependant. We could expect for a firefox and other browser support in future. ( No need for IE Who cares:P)

Connect to your whatsapp to your Chrome browser with a single QR code scan from your whatsapp mobile Which is like plug-n-play. You can see the browser login session details on your app and you can even logout the web client directly from your whatsapp mobile

You can send pictures from your MAC or PC or you can even take snap directly from your machine and share directly to your friends. When It comes to media sharing we often uses mostly the picture sharing so it will be much easier for us to share pictures without any hassle. Before the whatsapp web client There were lot of struggle to share the pictures you which you’ve downloaded or had on your computer. Now It become much easier to share the picture medias. You don’t have to connect your mobile to computer then transfer to your mobile then sharing it your friends which we hated the most when it comes to sharing from your computer to whatsapp. You might have used some third party app to easily transfer the datas from computer to your mobile now you don’t even need this.

You can easily view videos from the whatsapp web client which streaming. They don’t download to your computer as like the whatsapp mobile.

– Both whatsapp web client and whatsapp mobile syncs properly with each other. I didn’t have any single problem with the message receiving or sending. The web client works super fast as like the mobile version.


You’re going to suffer for more data usage on your mobile If you’re not connected to a WiFi. One thing you should understand is that the whatsapp web client gets the data from your mobile so whenever you’re receiving a photo or video it’ll be streamed out from your whatsapp mobile. So You’ll charged more data usage on your mobile data pack.

As this is a initial version there is no video sharing, Contact sharing, Location sharing or Audio sharing. There is only picture sharing available as of now.

You can’t change your whatsapp Display/Profile picture or status from the whatsapp web client which is very much needed one for us. I hope we can get this feature available in the upcoming updates for the web client.

As a long time whatsapp user I love this new web client but even in the web client you can’t send direct smiley which means you can’t send the smiley just by typing it on your text area which is kind of lagging feature Which I would like to have on the future version of it.

How to use whatsapp web client on your chrome?

Visit web.whatsapp.com from your chrome browser then from your mobile whatsapp select “whatsApp web” in options then scan the QR code from the browser. That’s all you’re done

Thank you friends. So that’s all about my review. Please share your experience with your new whatsapp web client below 😀

Whatsapp web client for android

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